Alessandro Marcon

Escape to imaginarium
My rode reel 2020


“I guess everyone has that favorite place to escape to every once in a while.Where you can hide from problems creeping onto you. A place where you can leave it all behind, made out of living dreams and your feelings fills the air.
This is mine“.



Escape to Imaginarium is a narrative short film born from the desire to be part of the “MY RODE REEL 2020” competition. Conceived, written and shot in just three days, Escape to Imaginarium wants to be a praise to freedom, and being free to express ourselves in our own way without the constraints of the everyday life.

DIRECTED BY: Alessandro Marcon

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Alessandro Marcon

EDITED BY: Alessandro Marcon

VFX: Alessandro Marcon, Domeniko Preli

BTS BY: Tiziano Maset

TALENT: Domeniko Preli, Massimo Marcon

MUSIC BY: Chptr – The Epilogue

SOUND DESIGN: Nicolò Depentor, Francesco Bonetto

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